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                                                            " Inspired by Lifestyle "
Palm Beach (Ivory) $69.95  UPF30+
Also comes in beige
Outback (Brown)  $59.95    UPF50+
Also in Natural
Gabe $64.95   UPF50+
Suede colour only
Palmer (Natural)  $59.95   UPF30+
Cabo (Natural)  $69.95     UPF50+
This colour only
Blake (Natural)  $64.95   UPF 30+
Also comes in Ivory
Riviera (Natural/Tan)  $69.95
UPF 50+
Also in Natural/Black
Aqua Hat (Turquoise) $55.95
Also in White, Mocha, Black
This line also has the Aqua Visor
Aqua Visor (White)  $45.95
Lycra Fabric
Ask about additional colours
Bianca Visor (Mix Black)  $54.95  UPF50+
Also in Natural
Kristi (Ivory/Blu)  $58.95   UPF50+
Also comes in Ivory/Stone and Ivory/Black
Kristi (Ivory/Stone)     $58.95   UPF50+
Sedona (Camel)  $64.95   UPF 50+
Also in Natural
Victoria Fedora (Seafoam)  $56.95
Also in Black, Mixed Camel, Red, Navy, Suede
Josie (Mix Black)  $59.95
Also in Mix Brown & Mix Beige
Victoria 2 Tone    $54.95    UPF50+
Ask about additional colors
St Tropez Trilby  (Orange Combo)
UPF50+  $58.95
Also comes in Natural Combo
St. Tropez (Orange Combo) $64.95
UPF50+  (41/2' brim)
Also in Natural Combo
Scrunchie (Navy /White Dot)  $56.95
UPF50+   (41/2" brim)
Blk, Grey, White, Pink, Hydrangea
Also comes in petite (3 1/2 brim)
Victoria Sport  (Mixed Camel)  $56.95
Hydrangea, Black
Victoria (Hydrangea)  $54.95
Also in Pink, Coral, Mixed Camel
Ask about additional colours that may be available
Sydney (Denim)  $59.95  UPF30+
Lt. Brown, Camel, Blk/Wht, Sienna, Seafoam
Ask about Specialty Order colors
Sydney (Sienna)  $59.95   UPF30+
Breton (Black)  $59.95    UPF50+
Also in Chocolate, Red, Hydrangea,
Breton (Chocolate) $59.95   UPF 50
Also in Hydrangea, Red & Black
Victoria Diva (Mixed Camel)  $56.95
Also comes in White, Natural, Tan, Brown
41/2" brim
Naomi (Charcoal) $56.95  UPF50+
Also comes in Natural and Brown
Tori (Rose)   $59.95   UPF50+
Also in Mixed Camel, Navy, Seafoam
Taylor (Black)  $56.95     UPF50+
Cotton Fabric
Removable Chin Strap
Ask about other colours
Casual Traveler  (Camel) $54.95
UPF 50+
Also in Navy, Tan, Cream, White
Microfibre Fabric
Impulse Cap (Grey)  $32.95  UPF50+
Also in Magenta & Blu
Impulse Cap (Magenta)  $32.95
Aerial Cap (Grey)  $39.95   UPF50+
Sun Tripper (Mesa Red)  $36.95
UPF50+, Sunglass Lock, Folding Clamshell Brim, Adjustable
Sun Tripper (Juniper)  $36.95
UPF50+, Sun Glass Lock, Folding Clamshell Brim, Adjustable
Eclipse Cap (Blu) $39.95    UPF50+
Adjustable, Convertible Venting, Folding Clamshell Brim
Crushin' it Cap (Amethyst)  $36.95
UPF50+, Sunglass Lock, Adjustable
Crushin' it Cap (Caribbean)  $36.95
UV50+, Adjustable, Sun Glass Lock
Aero Visor (Sea) $32.95  UPF50+
Also In Magenta & Coral
Aero Visor (Coral)  $32.95  UPF50+
Also in Magenta & Sea
Sun Glass Lock & Adjustable
Buff Original 01      $24.95
(Red & White Maple Leaf)
FPS50, Moisture Wicking
Neck & Headwear
Buff Original 02           $24.95
Buff Original 03        $24.95
Buff Original 04     $24.95
Ask about other colors
Buff Original 07  Multi     $24.95
Buff Original 08   Multi       $24.95
Buff Original 09   Pink Multi   $24.95
Buff Original 10  Black/Grey    $24.95
SECRID  Card Protector  $45.95
RFID Protection. The minimal wallet allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. Various Colours.
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